Sample Textbook

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Please follow these simple instructions to write or edit a textbook on your favorite videos.

1. Fill the 'Expression of Interest Form' in the right hand side

2. Once you are accepted by KA Textbook project, you will receive an email with username, password and instruction for our editing facility.

3. Guidelines to write and edit textbook
  • Remember, the textbook should be solely based on KA videos, though a little add ons from your side is permissible.
  • Use every concept, example covered by Khan Academy videos, even though some examples might seem a mere repetition.
  • Use logic, out of the box thoughts in the 'Points to Ponder' section.
  • In the 'Problem Set' section, use screenshots of the KA exercises.
  • Above all scientific, philosophical or artistic temper should not be compromised.

Once you receive the username and password with instructions, please download and install a screenshot taking software like Screenpresso for windows. If you have an in built 'print screen' option, you may also use it. But we recommend to use some good software in which you can also edit the screenshots.

3. Technical instruction to log on to our editing section will be mailed to you.

Expression of Interest Form